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September 30, 2013:
New weight loss clinics for HCG injections open up across the US, and sublingual HCG makes an appearance.


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Do HCG Injections promote weight loss

Injectable HCG for fertility and weight loss treatments

Do HCG injections help with weight loss? People who use the HCG hormone diet swear by the results, and despite the fact that part of the diet involves a 500 calorie per day regimen, people do show marked results and ascribe them to the HCG diet plan's lowering of hunger pangs which can derail just about any kind of weight loss program. HCG injections are normally administered by medical personnel, and anyone seeking to go the DIY route should be very well versed on how to give injections so as to prevent infection or injury. HCG injections, by their nature, will change the hormone levels in blood and organs, and may have noticable effects on emotions. In some cases it can result in false positives for pregnancy as well. If you are squeamish about giving yourself shots, you may want to consider drops or sublingual alternatives that do not require the use of needles. Additionally, one of the biggest complaints of HCG shot users is that they have pain or soreness in the injection sites, so you should be sure to rotate injection sites to allow the injection area to fully heal before it is used again. Allowing the HCG medium to warm up to room temperature may also prevent the cold blast to muscles which is another common complaint.

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